SMbus Driver IO Controls

SMbus Driver IO Controls


Intel Supplies an SMBus Driver with their Active Monitor Program. The Active Monitor Program, nor any other program that I have found,unfortunatly does not provide the solution to the problem that I have which is to monitor fans and temperatures on 300+ systems in a production facility.

So I was wondering is there anyway to get information onthe I/O control commands into this driver so I can write my own application that will pass the data I need to a central database?



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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

Any publicly available information of this type will typically be posted to the Intel Hardware Design web site at It is possible that some or all of the information you are seeking is confidential and only available under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If the information you are looking for is not on the public site,wewould recommend contacting your Intel Product Representative for this information. Please ask to speak with a Field Application Engineer (FAE). If your company does not already have a contact via your purchasing department, please see the following URL: "Design Help"

If your location is not listed, pleasecontact an Intel Authorized Distributor (linked from the same URL).


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