Need help with a Intel 537EP modem

Need help with a Intel 537EP modem

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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

Intel designs modem chipsets, but does notmanufacture or support modems. While your modem may be based on Intel modem chipset components, the complete modem product (internal card or external assembly) was actually manufactured by another company. For service and technical support for your modem, please contact the modem manufacturer. For a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Intel modem chipsets, please see:

Please be aware that this information is the complete extent of support that Intel provides to end users regarding the modem chipset products. Additional technical support requests need to be sent to the actual modem manufacturer. If you cannot determine the actual modem manufacturer, please contact your place of purchase.

We are sorry we cannot help you further.


Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
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