Forum and Mozilla Firefox

Forum and Mozilla Firefox

I recently switched from IE to Mozilla Firefox (1.0.4) and I'm quite happy with it -- its web page rendering finally matches IE...

...except for this very page I'm looking at -- I can't see the formatting toolbar for message composing. No bold, italics, source, insert hyperlinks...

I'm not sure if it's up to Firefox or to the Forum itself, but is there any chance to fix it in near future?


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The formatting controls aren't enabled for Firefox. Some versions of Firefox 1.0.4 aren't permitted to post at all. I've been using Opera, but it doesn't have formatting controls either.

We'll send this feedback to our forum admins and see what we can do.


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Opera recently stopped working for logging into the forum, while all my Firefox installations have begun to work, minus the editing controls. I had to go in on Windows and reset my password recovery hints, then go in on linux Firefox, recover password, and log in.
Konqueror is permitted to log in, but not to post. I am posting this reply with linux Firefox.


Opera* and Konqueror* aren't supported browsers on the Intel sites; still, we'll forward this as a feature request to the forum folks. Firefox* is supported, though, so I have requested to have Firefox* issues with the editingcontrolsaddressed.


I've been getting some feedback that the confusion factors about changes in the way the forum works, compromising of customers' e-mail addresses, and changing the lists of browsers which work, have discouraged people from using the forum and I was only pointing out that prior to the last change, I had to use Opera, while Firefox worked only on Windows, and now we must use Firefox and drop Opera.

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