Intel PRO Network Adapters WMI and CDM Providers

Intel PRO Network Adapters WMI and CDM Providers

I'm trying to use the NCS2 suite to monitor hardware adapters and links which are teamed as part of a dual-redundant LAN implementation, so I can detect single failures from within a comms management application I'm developing. The IANet_PhysicalEthernetAdapterobject looks most useful, but although I can find a list of its properties (at, I can't find any definition of the properties' possible values and their significance. Does anyone know where these aredefined?

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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

This is a bit outside the scope of what we ordinarily handle in our software development forums. Generally speaking,ifthe information you seek is not available on the Intel Hardware Design website, I would recommend contacting your Intel Product Representative for this information. Please ask to speak with a Field Application Engineer (FAE). If your company does not already have a contact via your purchasing department, please see the following URL: under "Design Help"

If your location is not listed, please see an Intel Authorized Distributor (linked from the same URL).


Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
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