Philips Velo 1

Philips Velo 1

hey guys,

anybody know the velo 1, introduced in 1997 I think?
I'm having problems hooking it up to my windows xp pc since the program to upload stuff on the velo is designed fpr win95.

I recently got it from an american friend, it was not even released here in europe, so I first need to get a voltage converter to not blow it up right away with our 220V here ;)

Would be great if anybody had information on hooking the velo up to a win xp system. Links to free software for use with the velo would also be awesome.

thx in advance & greetz from germany


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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of what we are able to support in our software development forum. Further, this is not a product that Intel produces, and we have no information or contacts for these products. We recommend that you contact Philips*directly for assistance. They will know what hardware and softwarecomes with the Velo*and will be better able to assist you.


Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support
Contact us

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I also got a Phillips Velo 1.
I somewhere found a way to sync velo to a win 2k/xp running computer.
I would like u to add me to msn or send me a mail so we can exchange information.

apologies for my english.

Best Regards.

Gustavo Baccichetto.

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