Game programmers: Idea for a New Application

Game programmers: Idea for a New Application

Here's an idea we received in Intel Software Network Support, posted herewith the author's permission. Game programmers, what do you think?
I believe the next big software/hardware application will be one that could be described as the ideal application software to help in the development of computer games, a "killer-app" no pun intended. I believe creative-types would rather the computer do all repetitive, and complex, tasks, to allow them to focus on the creative aspects. I am sure professional game designers would only be glad to tell you what would be most useful for their work.

Perhaps, some will ask too much, not knowing what is feasible, and others too little. Your professionals can sort that out. I mean, graphics, sounds, actions, action figures, special effects, etc. Later on, the same software/hardware could be upgraded to provide a quick and simple preview of a proposed commercial and even a movie.In time, this could be used to plan how a theatre reharsal and run-through could be planned and give a preliminary evaluation of a play.

Obviously, your new parallel processing chips, and new special ones, will be key components. Participants in different terminals could swap, action, word and special effects script files, observe and evaluate a performance and propose alternatives and send them to each other to consider. It will be the first aid, ever, to the real creative process, I believe. (I worked in software for 40 years, wrote my first code in punch cards. You do remember them, right?)

The ultimate may be when a popular version is available that could be used to educate, train and entertain friends, relatives, clients, teachers, politicians, students, etc.
The goal would be to stage Hamlet intially with rough graphics, with all movement and dialogue, later with all the scenery and finally with all the special effects. Close-ups would be nice, if skin texture could be rendered easily. That is something weat [our company]tried to do for flight trainers, for automatic terrain database for helicopter simulators using Intergraph computers, for the Apache helicopter, in 1980s.

Thanks for the opportunity.
My reward will be when I can buy a copy, 3 years from now?

Michael F. Sarabia

Lexi S.

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