Intel LANDesk Virus Protect 5.0

Intel LANDesk Virus Protect 5.0

My company purchased 125 nos Intel LANDesk Virus Protect 5.0 together with 125 nos pentium II 266 MHZ PCs in1998 November throuhg M/S Digital India Ltd.But Intel LANDesk Virus Protect 5.0 was taken over by Symantec during same time and M/S Digital did not support out antivirus s/w.Now since I had done inspection for that purchase ,I am getting disciplinary action.Please tell whether Symantec was responsible for updation/upgrade for the said antivirus on 27/11/98 and what can be done now?Mine is a leading govt organisation.
rashmi varma

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As of 2002, LANDesk* is no longer owned by Intel. We recommend that you direct your inquiry to:

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