ICH5 delyed transaction

ICH5 delyed transaction

Gretings to the all the wonderful Intel staff !

I have a qestion,wich is not so important,but i realy need a 100% acurate and profesional answer.What does the "ICH5 delyed transaction" setting 'do' on the i875 chipset based motherboards ? For me this has been a very speculatve qestion for quite some time now.

thanks in advance.

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While we are unable to provide hardware development support in these forums, we believe you might be able to find some information in the Intel 82801EB/ER I/O Controller Hub (ICH5/ICH5R) Datasheet. Searching within that document for "delayed transaction" turns up quite a few references.

For hardware design questions notaddressedwithinthe publicly available technical documentation at developer.intel.com, we recommend that you work directly with your company's Intel Representative.


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