Motherboard Question

Motherboard Question

Hi all:
I don't know where else to post this, considering there doesn't appear to be a specific forum for hardware.
I have a motherboard {which is being replaced} that sometimes boots the OS, other timesdoesn't even get to thePOST. the tower was brought into my shop with a broken CPU {Celeron}cooler mount, and one of the clamps 'dangling' into the AGP space{on AGP slot, but the space is}. No visible signs of damage.
My question is: where can I find a set of "generic" schematics for a motherboardwith USB2, AGP?? I need to have the voltages, inputs and outputs for the circuitry within 3 inches of the CPU, including memory, BIOS, AGP, and Hyperthread chip. This board is no good, however, I want to find out where theproblem is.{A must know for my own information}

Thanks John

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This is outside the scope of what we're able to addressin depthin our software development forums. While Intel doesn't have generic schematics posted, there istechnical documentation for Intel Desktop Boards on the Intel Hardware Design site at, which might be of some help to you. However, for the most accurate information about your board, we recommend you visit the manufacturer's web site.


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