Q&A: Pentium(R) processor-based system software reboot

Q&A: Pentium(R) processor-based system software reboot

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Q. How do you do a 'software reboot' on a Pentium? You are running in protected mode, you swap back to real mode and jump to FFFFFFF0h but this does not work, presumably because the address is >1Mb. The Pentium manual talks about a 'special' load of the CS base address part when a hardware reset is performed, but how do you simulate this in software?

A. If you are using a standard PC platform, the easiest way to do a software-initiated reboot would be to use the keyboard controllers ability to do this (writing a 0b to bit zero of I/O port 64h). This assumes that the keyboard controller supports this legacy feature.If your keyboard controller does not support this feature, or you are not using a keyboard, please let us know.


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