BIOS compatibility and upgrade question

BIOS compatibility and upgrade question

Dell computer with Intel mother board. Latest Dell BIOS update installed. However, Dell BIOS is very limited. Found an Intel update for the mother board "Intel Corporation CA810E" that matches.
Used a hex editor to change the manufacurer from 86A to 10A in all files.
Question is: can I install this BIOS update and what are the chances of success. Also if I try and fail will the Dell BIOS update reinstall in Recovery Mode if need be.
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Thisquestion would need to be addressedby the Intel Desktop Boards support team; we recommend that you contact them directly at However, they might need to refer you back to Dell* for the final word on compatibility, since this relates to an OEM version of an Intel Desktop Board and these motherboards may be customized to the OEM's specifications. Good luck!


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Thank you. forwarded as recommended

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