Accessing system temperature from .NET application

Accessing system temperature from .NET application


We deploy one of our corporate applications on Intel PCs so i was hoping to integrate the functionality in Intel's Active Monitor into our application so that it can report back any problems with the fan or the CPU overheating.

Is there a way that I can programmatically access information about the system's temperature, fan speed, etc. in my .NET applications?

Any info would be much appreciated.

Jason Mercer

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Our engineering contacts responded as follows:

We do not presently publish or support any capability for third parties to utilize our instrumentation software from within their own applications. Information (datasheets) concerning the programming of the actual ASICs that we use (SMSC* EMC6D103, National Semiconductor (NSC)* LM96000 and, in future, Analog Devices (ADI)* ADM7476) can be obtained from the vendors' web sites.


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