2.4ghz/533 fsb

2.4ghz/533 fsb

Im having a problem with my 2.4 533 fsb p4. I bought this 2 years ago so i theew away my box and stuff for the motherbored i know i bought it from www.outpost.com. Its soppose to be 2.4 but when i go to my computer to view systems information it says 1.77 ghz. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it because my computer isent peforming as well.
I have in my computer
ait 9600xt 256 mb 128 bit
pc 2700 512 mb
cdrw sony 52x32x52x16
120 gb western digital harddrive
if you have any information on how to fix it can you post back or email me at
im running windows xp

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