Comment/Complaint re "Tired of Command Line"

Comment/Complaint re "Tired of Command Line"

Saw the headline as I logged into the site just now, and wanted to givethe Intel people reading thissome feedback. NO, I am not tired of the command-line environment. I want it! The fact that I can easily & simply do everything Iwant to do froma command line is, if not the primary reason I use Linux, at least one ofthe top two or three. I can do more work in a given time from the command line, with far less aggravation.

So, if you all spend time developing an optional IDE for your Linux tools, it's time wasted as far as I'm concerned, since I will not use it. And if someday you make them IDE-only, then I'll go back to GNU.


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I also agree with this sentiment.

I understand that many users are only familiar with a world where programming is done via an IDE, or prefer the sorts of benefits IDEs can easily offer, so I don't hold it against Intel for trying to better serve that market. However, please don't do so at the expense of support for the commandline tools.

In my experience, many larger systems have a sufficiently complex build process that it wouldn't fit within the frameworks provided by the IDEs I've seen (yes, including Visual Studio .NET). So, preserving the capability for external management of the build is a requirement I would tend to have.

I don't think this needs to turn into a flame war about CLI vs. GUI. The choice is simply a function of a developer's background and the sort of project being developed. I just wanted to support jamesqf's plea for the CLI to remain exposed and a supported interface.

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