Intel 82865G Chipset Blit scaling method?

Intel 82865G Chipset Blit scaling method?

My question has to do with what kind of scaling the Intel 82865G Graphics Controller will perform when issued the Blt() command with C++ using DirectX 8.1.

Generally referring to this MSDN Article:

as well as comments in this thread:

>>Does DirectDraw support Bilinear filtering of stretch blits?
>>If not, is there a reason?

Well, you mean resampling...?
It seems that it depends on the video cards.... Some do the filtering,
some simply resize the pixels, without softening the result.

So, what doesthe 82865Gchipset do?

My application is always running on a machine with the Intel 82865G Graphics Controller, and we are using Blt() with DirectX to transfer a 1000x1000 device independant bitmap image into a 250x250 region on screen, and I need to tell my customer "what is happening to the pixels" - my search began in the code, which pointed me to the DirectX Blt() command, to the referenced links above and finally here. I haven't been able to locate any specifics on an abstraction layer on the Intel site, so I'm hoping somebody here knows.


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