Intel Stack Unwind library

Intel Stack Unwind library

Can't find the right forum as I'm using GCC and an opensource Intel library. Hoping someone here can help or point me to the right location.

I'm trying out the IA64 stack unwind library for IA64 Linux ( and am having a bit of trouble getting it to work. Basically, all I want to use it for is to get the IP for a function in a signal handler. I'm doing stack backtracing in code, and I need to overwrite the signal function in the backtrace with the function that was active when the signal was raised. I thought the _Unwind_GetIP() function would do what I wanted, but it's not working right (this dumps core). Any suggestions? Test code that segfaults is attached.

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Greetings fromIntel Software NetworkSupport.

You might try sending your question directly to the Open Source Tools teamvia the feedback form here:

If they are unable to help, drop us a line through theform at your original question, and we'll see what we can find out.


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