Multi-Resolution SDK

Multi-Resolution SDK

I'm trying to develop a plugin for 3D Studio Max 6.0 that utilizes the MultiRes feature. I have the 3dSMax SDK, but after contacting them, they instructed me to contact Intel (since they developed the technology). I can't find a support email (that doesn't cost money)... so could someone point me in the right direction as to who to speak to? Or better yet, does anyone have experience programming with MultiRes? I need to know how to 'drive' MultiRes programmatically.

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Dan Demole
Smiling Gator Productions

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Greetings from Intel Software Network Support.

For basic information about Multi-Resolution Mesh (MRM) Technology, please see the following course:
Level of Detail: Multi-Resolution Mesh

There isn't a dedicated support mechanism at Intel for developers usingthis technology, but if you have aprogramming question, please feel free to send it to us here and we'll see whether we canhave anengineer provide an answer.


Lexi S.

IntelSoftware NetworkSupport

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