Dialogic (SR5.1.1 to dial out with gc_basic_call Model demo

Dialogic (SR5.1.1 to dial out with gc_basic_call Model demo


We are trying to have gc_basic_call_model demo program from dialogic ( SR5.1.1 ) to dial out on our T-1 lines.

We are using a D480JCT-2T1 board ( Dual Span ) , we are also pretty sure our problem is with the configuration of GlobalCall and the demo itself, reason being we were able dial-out using ISDIAG another diagnostic tool provided in SR5.1.1

Following 3 questions

1.In the configuration file of gc_basic_call_model demo the first thing we need to know is which one of the three network protocols to use IE: ISDN, ICAPI, or PDK.

2.If indeed it is PDK what should we specify as the dialing protocol, PDK_us_mf_io ?

3.Also we would like to know how to configure our system for GlobalCall IE: exact procedure for installing the CDP, FCD and PCD files. We have also tried "PDKmanagerRegSetup" and manually editing PDK.cfg , but we have nothing telling us if the settings were accepted and forced.

P.S. All available documentation for GlobalCall API Demo Guide has been read.

Thank You

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