Final Lap for unwired PDA's?

Final Lap for unwired PDA's?

Is the market potential dying for the unconnected PDA or can we witness a turnaround in its fortunes?

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Market potential for the unconnected PDA is dying, in fact next year could be the last we see a product with no wireless communication technologies built into them.

The PDA boom started about three years ago with consumers rushing to buy the gadgets which were capable of storing thousands of appointments, memos and phone numbers. The PDA was the favorite toy of the corporate world with over 50 million unconnected handhelds sold. I agree with Burningstar, the unconnected PDA is nearing the end of its life span.

Just for fun, let me take maccie?s comment ?the unconnected PDA is nearing the end of its life span? out of context. I disagree with this 100% and here?s why: in the near future almost every computing device will have the 'ability' to communicate with the Internet. The key word here is ?ability.? But just because a device is 'capable' of connecting to a network, does not mean the device will always be 'connected'. I?d argue, that in many cases mobile devices will actually be ?unconnected??to use maccie?s word?a great amount of time. Case in point, my Centrino mobile technology based notebook is fully capable of connecting wirelessly to the Internet, however because I choose to work in places that are outside the range of any wireless AP?s, this device spends most of its time ?unconnected.?

Semantics aside, you have all hit on an important realization: all computing devices will be capable of communicating, and all communication devices will be capable of computing.

Justin, your comments were thought provoking. The key word indeed is "ability to connect". I agree with your views a hundred percent.

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