The new virtual reality. To the development INTEL

The new virtual reality. To the development INTEL

To the department of the development and advertising INTEL. I suggest
that you should take into your consideration the opportunity of
realization of this project under the mark of INTEL. By this moment 60
programmers of Russia have already signed for participation in this
project. In case of absence of the possibility to realize the project
under your mark, I would suggest your partial individual share in the
projection in the plane of production of some program modules for the

Faithfully yours.

The new virtual reality. Let?s look at it with the eyes of a persona ?
the main characteristics are the following: 1. the virtual prototype
of each user?s face is represented with photo realism, 2.each face
possess its own actual facial mobility, ability to change and express
emotions, 3.the stereo voice communication is reproduced according to
all the laws of a three-dimensional sound distribution. The technical
part is represented as a combination only of well-known modern
technologies and program solutions which have been already embodied in
reality, while the access to the virtual world may be provided even
with the help of the most low-speed channels of dial-up connections.
The unique concept will let you get an access to all functions of the
virtual world even at the speed connection 33.6 Kb and by the channels

The voice module: the speech of the PC user is recognized by a program
built into the digital information module alike "MIDI" (we could call
it ?samples? as well), where the sounds themselves are emplaced in a
client?s part, and the only part which is transmitted is the
information on the sounds. Let?s take, for example, 5 parameters:1.
the beginning of a sound segment (for example, A - is the sound
symbol); 2. the ending (for example, B - the sound symbol); 3. volume;
4. tone color; 5. duration. Besides an additional system of smoothing
at the connection of the segments during a reproduction is created.
Thus, a voice will be created with individual specific features and
intonations of each word of the user. Besides, the "samples" will
allow to create the synchronization of speech with facial expressions.
In accordance with the definition of vowels, consonants and syllables,
?Avatar? (the one the eyes are directed at) will be able to move its
lips. Besides, all the ?avatars? situated within or out of the limits
of the screen may address their speech to a particular user (player),
and the sounds of that speech will be transmitted in "samples".
Depending on the distance of the ?avatar?s? positions the ?samples?
will be represented in accordance with special stereo effect and
difference in volume. At the same time an individual set-up of tone
color of a certain voice, set or recognized(selectively) at the
registration, may be separately distinguished, thus, the voice will be
able to communicate with other user. The users? conversations within a
certain location (restricted space) and other sounds will come from
the server by a single sound channel in the format of highly
compressed mono Real-Audio and will be produced as a background,
mixing with sound surroundings of a concrete place (which is already
enclosed in the package of the game for a user?s PC). At the present
level of existing programs (algorithms) of speech recognition, it is
no d
oubt possible that 99 % of information given in a conversation
will be received while the context, dynamics and intonation of said
words remain preserved. From time to time at the process of
recognition such close sounds as /s/ and /?/, /w/ and /v/ (etc.) may
be confused that in a text would lead to serious violation of sense
and a certain complexity at reading; but in our case such mistakes
will be unnoticeable for the user because the lengths of syllables and
intonation of words will be preserved. For example: the symbols of
sounds are not limited on duration but when the timbre or volume of a
combined sound symbol start to vary, in that case the symbol will be
segmented with the sampling rate 1-5 sec. Thus, when the timbre is set
a half tone higher or lower a new symbol will be created. The
gradations of timbre is in the limits of two octaves (musical - 24
levels), while it is possible to create only 8 levels of volume - it
will allow to transmit even singing quite real. For Dial-up
connection: it is possible to set the function to control
automatically the differentiation of data reception and data transfer
depending on the speed of connection. For example, it will be
presumable to stop a Real-Audio influent at all or within a response
time, maybe, to receive the speech in ?samples? only from the people
who are the closest to the user in a field of his vision, or even to
derive only those reports that are personally directed. In the course
of time it will be possible to build the program of transformation of
"samples" into texts (on the PC of each concrete user, for fast PCs)
Thus, the program will be capable to translate an incoming foreign
speech if PC would recognize a language different to the set one in
the system. At the same time, the user will be able to insert complex
words or smileys (symbols of mood) into a conversation process with a
help of the keyboard, and they will be recognized by the program and
imaged in a facial expression of the user-?avatar?. All these
properties will allow to save some internet traffic in order that the
user could receive an access to the voice communication in Deep-town,
even at the connection speed 33.6 Kbt.

The module for creation of a virtual face: The photographic accuracy
of the virtual character display can be attained with the help of the
program photo processing (en face, side-face), and at this process
compiling of a composite element prototype (the vast element base is
already included into the client program pack. The electronic version
of the face can be maximum close to the original.

It will be some kind of an automatic 3D photofit. Construction of a
prototype of a BioVirtual face takes place by means of automatic
recognition of the photo color borders, and construction (tugging over
the color borders) of an existing map graticul of three-dimensional
object (head). In the grid all the basic BioVirtual clusters and
elements indispensable for a facial expression are already set in the
program. After that the process of auto-proportioning of the face-part
textures and attaching them to the map graticul. At the creation of a
three-dimensional BioVirtual face the system of smoothing (overlapping
and mixing) of pasted together textures will be used. In this case the
server ant the user will only receive the information on the gridchanges and the numbers of textures according to the clusters of the
grid. After that users? face construction will be carried out on each
PC in a client part - practically "on the fly", both at the moment of
entering the "Deep-town", and appearance of a new user or at the
moment of transition into another part of the virtual space. Existing
examples are the following: - the program on creation of a
three-dimensional face out of two photos, in accordance with control
and automatic synchronization of facial expression with sounds or
speech : - to download ? downloads - the problem is
supported by - Geom. - (Moscow ? programmer)

Appendix on intercoupling of ?samples? and facial expression: It is
possible to create changeable face expressions by means of analysis of
the sound, thus there would be a great diversity of physiognomies. It
may be carried out easily: at the registration of a user the average
personal parameters of the timbre and volume of his voice are stored.
Then these parameters are registered in the tuning of the
person-?avatar?. The most widespread variants of intercoupling of
changes of these parameters and expressions of mood are taken further.
For example, the variants of combinations: increase of tone +
reduction of volume = fright; increase of tone + volume in the norm =
delight; increase of tone + increase of volume = pleasure; decrease of
tone + reduction of volume = offence; decrease of tone + volume in the
norm = irritation; reduction of tone + increase of volume = rage. I
admit that originally it will be quite difficult to control the
necessary expression. Consequently: 1. Expressions of faces are given
non-distinctly, just for increasing the realism of a facial
expression. 2. Facial expression changes continuously ? i.e. at
several characters in a row with certain parameters changed ? it
starts to vary in two-three symbols alternating or in one-two seconds.
Then at a change of the parameters in another direction facial
expression varies with the same speed. At an equalization of some
parameter or at a total stop it returns into the neutral position with
speed twice slowened ? 3-4 seconds. 3. At the entrance the person
initially finds himself inside a mirror room and can work on his
facial expression. 4. In due course a certain order of voice changes
of permanent users of "Deep-town" will settle down and as a result
there will be a full-functioning system of facial expressions within
the virtual world.

The graphic nucleus will be distributed on CD, and all data on the
virtual person will be saved on the server. ?Deep-town?, first of all,
will become not just a playground but a place for wholesome
communication of groups of people who are removed on large distances
and who don?t have a capability to arrange a teleconference, or to
connect on a videophone. This virtual city should become available to
every average PC owner, who an access to the Internet even on a
standard modem 33.6 Kb. The intercourse of this kind with people all
over the world will be even more natural, comfortable and interesting
than on a videophone and by means of teleconferences. ?Deep-town?,
hereinafter, it is possible to present as a large entertainment server
which was formatted within the framework of 3D-game from the point of
view of a persona
. In due course, libraries, reference books, check
lists, mp3 archives etc. will be comprised into ?Deep-town". Being
situated in a certain part of the ?town? a user will be able to
inquire for some necessary information directly from the game menu .

Creation of the virtual character: As soon as the installation of the
game is finished it demands the connection with the server on the
purpose of registration of a new user. The registration is held out
according to ICQ principle with an appropriation of a personal number.
After registration the user should switch off the internet connection
and start the obligatory stage of the formation of his new virtual
profile: it starts with the selection of a silhouette
(full-face/half-face), then the clothing selection out of a wide
catalogue of the game basis, further the formation of a face according
to certain photos - (full-face, half-face) with the help of the
program - 3-D photofit; then voice timbre is chosen automatically or
personally out of the variety of tones represented in the program,
then the style of talking (slang, accents etc.), besides the user can
choose some things for personal usage (such as, bags, watch, cell
phones, lighters, cigarettes, etc.), he can arrange his/her own
dwelling and even compose a file of private papers with a medical
card, starting with the parameters of force, agility etc. and
finishing with particular susceptibility to alcohol and allergy on
some medicaments. It is necessary to pass each stage, formation of all
the parameters. As soon as a new ?Avatar? is created it is possible to
wander around an empty virtual city without connecting the network in
order to be able later to find his/her way around the city easily. At
the second connection all data are stored at the server and
hereinafter it may be changed only by some events in the process of
the game. In particular ? this new avatar would be able to buy other
clothes, make new haircuts etc., and earn for that money somewhere.
Besides clothes may fray, tear, get soiled... Sometimes the avatar may
need the medical treatment because his/her face) may be covered with
scars or injuries etc. (simply picturing of additional textures atop
of a face), f.e., after a fight. All the other parameters can be
transformed or changed because of certain factors, for example, the
effect of drinking alcohol may oscillate: at the excessive use at
first there is a decreasing reaction on it then a sharp increase (by
analogy with the development of alcoholic diseases). The parameters of
the person are reflected in appearance and behavior of the avatar: for
example, while drunk it would be obviously difficult to keep moving
straightly - staggering, hiccuping (Avatar will hiccup from time to
time without any participation of the host(the user)) and so on.

The virtual world control system: as soon as the virtual world
(Deep-town) is oriented on a wide usership, thus first of all we can
use two most well-known systems ? those are a keyboard and a mouse. To
provide the most convenient and coherent coordination of movements and
their control the user should do the following: movements of the mouse
without any button pushed operate turns of the whole body
simultaneously with a head; so the mouse moves up/down and thus causes
bend of the body. The user can control movements forth a
nd back and
double turns of the whole body with the help of the cursors of the
keyboard. The movement of the mouse the right button pushed take
control of turns of the head, however if the head turn on 90 degrees
the body starts turning as well, for the head can?t turn more than on
90 grades - in this case movements of the mouse up/down control look
direction; if the right button is released the head continuously but
quite quickly returns to the primary position looking directly. When
the left button of the mouse is pushed the right hand rises appearing
from the right-hand bottom of the screen and moving the mouse the user
can shift the hand touching and interacting with different subjects. A
double-clicking can serve a command - to take, to release etc. If it
is necessary an ?avatar? can receive text messages displayed on a
virtual pager or a cell phone with a big display (in the right hand at
the bottom of the screen) thus text correspondence may be carried out.
Besides the avatar can make a call from his/her cell phone both ways:
with the help of a keyboard or by looking down on the belt and taking
the pager with the hand as has been already described.

Finding directions around "Deep-town": the ?avatar? is able to find a
teleport-cabin at every crossroad where he/she finds an interactive
map with the position of the teleport is marked. The ?avatar? points
with his/her arm where it is necessary to get, in a moment he/she
turns out to be in another cabin in the region of the necessary place.
The same may be accomplished with a taxi: the ?avatar? gets into,
points a place on a map, then goes around "Deep-town" or flies in
order not to bother people in the streets. Such a system provides a
certain discipline in moving, thus there wouldn?t be any sudden
overloads of servers and spaces. By means of a particular control it
will be possible to limit a one-at-a-time quantity of users in a
separate location(terrain). To resolve problems of breaks on Dial-up
connections, the position of the ?avatar? in "Deep-town" is
permanently saved, and, in case of break of connection, the ?avatar?
stays at the same place for a certain period of time and even after
his/her disappearing (let it be in two minutes) still this ?avatar?
may show up again at the very place during one more hour at a repeated

Actual earth day is equal to two game days. In ?Deep-town? along with
the cycle of days there is a constant change in weather and various
phenomena - light rain with a rainbow, a night hurricane, an eclipse
of the Sun, an evening star-fall, etc. Part of these phenomena may be
produced above some local regions by the forces of "light" and
"darkness", if there is a sufficient quantity of stored energy
available in the hands of a special watch group which is responsible
for certain phenomena. SMS-news about approaching hurricanes, eclipses
and other severe phenomena and equally personal text messages are sent
to all the players missing in the game. At the same time the reports
may be duplicated on ICQ and E-mail.

The plot: (the Game part haven?t been seriously worked out yet!)
Within the game it is possible not to take part in fable interactions
and to act neither for ?dark?, nor for ?light?, an ?avatar? may simply
communicate and let his/her hair down at virtual parties, exhibitions,
certs, in clubs of interest and etc. Thus all problems of "patrols"
will never affect him/her and never interfere one?s own interests.
But... (as one of the variants) if a user tries hard and have a
maximum stock of light energy and extreme index of light-darkness
parameter it is possible to transit to the ?light? ?patrol? group by
means of certain game operations. The same way a user may make a
transition into the ?dark? ?Patrol? group, but obviously with a set of
negative parameters of the ?avatar?. It may take rather long to store
light or dark energy. The amount of energy increases only according to
certain ?avatar?s deeds. To transform totally into ?light? or ?dark?
condition it is necessary to accomplish about 1000 deeds(acts).
However the acts should be carried out within the period of 30 game
days. Moreover before transition it is obligatory to accumulate a full
scale of dark or light energy (it is about 10 acts more, but at one
moment for the energy won?t be taken away by ?Patrol? group). As soon
as an ?avatar? manages to get into a ?patrol? group instead of the
parameter "light - darkness" he/she gains the parameter
?survivability? while the parameter of energy becomes unified (light
or dark) parameter -"Magic energy" and it takes a lot of efforts to
fill this parameter. Since this ?avatar? can start him/herself taking
away energy from ?ordinary mortals? to refill "Magic energy" on
his/her own magic purposes. Nevertheless in this case it is important
not to get caught by the opposite ?patrol? group. Exceptionally those
who are the members of ?patrol? groups have the opportunity to see
parameters of dark and light energy, and consequently only they can
take it away. At the same time only they (?patrol? groups) can
distinguish the state of any ?avatar??s state ? dark/light. Visually
it may be represented not in a diagram but simply in various hues and
layers of auras (visible only to the participants of "patrol" groups
at entering twilight). Accordingly if a member of a ?patrol? group
accumulates a certain amount of energy he/she can become invisible
leaving for the twilight, to go through walls, to fly at turning into
a demon or an angel, obviously invisible for simple people (the
variant of a super-prize). Several of such members may unite having
sufficient quantity of energy produce weather and other global
phenomena (eclipse, star-fall and etc.) which are visible to people.
Besides at a great amount of stored energy, the player of a ?patrol?
group can temporarily paralyze the speech of a ?simple mortal" or a
weaker ?patrol? member.

The idea of ?patrol? groups: This idea won?t only add the spirit of
amazing competition but also in any way it won?t hinder business
meetings at the territory of "Deep-town" and common communication.
Moreover these ?patrol? groups may be assigned to arrange general
meetings where they will choose savers (so to say, an honorary
responsibility) who would settle out of ?patrol? groups for a month in
order to enforce order in ?Deep-town? spending their magic energy.
Meanwhile they will have stake in ideal fulfillment of the
responsibilities therefore as it will be tracked by the counter
?patrol? group.

Tournaments and fights: they usually take place only in twilight to
provide an equal opportunity to take part in these tournaments-fights
to al
l players with both fast or slow network and dial-up connection,
while however these fights remain invisible for ?simple mortals?.
Besides tournaments may be carried out only tete-a-tete and closed
from the whole virtual world: during a combat no sound information is
transmitted, and equally no information about other users? movements
(except for the opponent?s movements) reaches the area of the fight.
The sound of the fight, the atmosphere of the combat will be
represented by the basis given in the client part - etc. Moreover
movements of surrounding people will be modeled on the PC by the
built-in interpreter of pseudo-actual motions. Besides at a break of
connection an ?avatar? continues put certain units which have been
initially programmed in him/her by the user on a case of such a
situation. Nevertheless strokes are impossible to program in an

Robots are provided: robots-sellers in shops, robots-barmens,
robots-dancing girls in clubs, robots-workers of technical services,
for example ? inquiry service, taxi drivers etc. These robots may be
replaced by actual players (within the framework of the virtual hiring
to a job). It is possible to add various dragons, unicorns and other
fantastic creatures visible only for ?patrol? members and interacting
obviously exceptionally with them.

The map of virtual city. It is possible initially to represent the
whole virtual world, cities of the country (in the form of regions of
a city), all the branches and in general all the largest sites. This
information may be simply open on the virtual screen within the game,
until users start to create their own virtual spaces within the
boundaries of ?Deep-town? with the help of their personal Internet
resources. The resort city is spread over a coast of an oceanic bay.
It is situated on hills descending to an inshore plateau restricted to
the water by rocky, covered with forests cliffs. Then the city is
divided into 2 parts by a wide river that flows into the bay.
Unsupported bridges are thrown over the bay. Lagun islands, beaches,
oceanic arbors, the noise of swash, diving with an aqualung, surfing,
flights on a paraglide, a glider, equestrian sport, and so on. All
this may be constructed into the system of divertissement of
?Deep-town? as additional modules later.

There are some server details on lightening of traffic: the
information on movements of players in the line of sight is
transmitted by a principle: the position of those who are the closest
to a user is permanently controlled but not more often than 2-3 times
per second; the further player is situated, the less he/she is
subjected to any position control (there is a percentage ratio as a
function of velocity of the network); the movements of limbs (which
may be operated by any player) are controlled however only hen the
sight of the player is directed at that(another) ?avatar?, while the
motions of all the other players in the line of sight are modeled at
random according to the logic of the game and a given style of
behavior of this or that ?avatar? on that moment. The player is able
to see motions, bends and turns of another ?avatar??s head only it is
transmitted that the very ?avatar? is in the zone of the central ray
of viewing. If the player is leaving the position control may be
fulfilled on the following diamete
rs: short-range figures - 2 pings
per second, remote figures - 1 ping per second, very distant figures -
1 ping per two seconds. In order to avoid a discrete moving everything
happens timelagged on the interval of time of a ping, then the
?avatars? motion-movements are shaped within the interval of time
between pings, pulling that ?avatar? to the position formed at the
previous ping. A maximally large element base and all the maps are
initially included in the client part. The base is renovated
(supplemented) only once per a month. All this is invented in order
that the server won?t download anything except for midi-text and
RealAudio data, locations, movements and elementary motions of parts
of a body of a virtual character.

The ?skin? system: to let users change design of every-day subjects,
furniture, music and etc - the client part has an ?open? architecture.
Primary "skins" are distributed on folders which have titles, for
example: ?Bedroom? ? it includes all pictures, fillings and sound
versions - a musical design of a bedroom. If the power of a PC is
enough the user have a opportunity to load a package of more beautiful
and composite "skins" and even to edit already existing ones.

The commercial part and the payback of the project: There are several
ways of financial support of the project: 1). certain corporations
pay for a capability to create an official virtual exclusive agency;
2). users pay (may be a moderate sum of money) for the opportunity to
participate in the game or plot line of ?Deep-town?, for an
opportunity to be fast reported on different news and to receive
letters from ?Deep-town? on a cell phone by means of SMS; there may be
set a certain list of other utilities and services of the game; 3).
after the promotion of the project is finished successfully it is
possible to specify to the providers that they have to pay for
?Deep-town? traffic and, besides, that they have to create their own
servers in which it will be possible to locate a new part of
?Deep-town? or simply to make this server responsible for a part of
charge; 4). later it will be possible to take money from the mobile
companies those which would like to branch out into a new kind of
service for their clients ? receiving SMS and letters from ?Deep-town?
and so on.

The primary domain of the project Contacts -
e-mail: tel: +78319051426 +78312986314
Please use Russian for telephone convesations

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The offer is profound and detailed. Has this project been realized? I am working on something similar now and this expreience would be rather useful

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