IXF1104 configuration

IXF1104 configuration

I am writing a linux device driver for IXF1104 Quad port Ethernet MAC. So far I have been able to configure MACs, SPI etc correctly. The datasheets ( I am sorry to say) is not correct as it provides description of same register bits at two places totally opposite of each other.
I was wondering if there is any detailed configuration guide available or sample driver or anything like that which would help me bringing up the board.


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Greetings from Intel Developer Services Support.

This issue is outside the scope of the Intel Developer Services forums. If you believe you have discovered an issue with the documentation for this component, please use the following URL to submit site feedback to Intel's Developer Web Site support team:

More generally, for technical assistance related to Intel Networking and Communications Design Components, if your company has its own Intel representative, you may wish to inquire whether they are able to assist with your project. Your company's Purchasing Department will normally have your Intel representative's contact information. If you have no contact, you may wish to speak with a Field Application Engineer from a local distributor to see whether they are able to help. A list of Intel Authorized Distributors can be found at: http://program.intel.com/shared/wtb/

I hope this helps.


Lexi S.
Intel Developer Services Support
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Hello imran,

I was also looking for driver for IXF1104 on linux. If it is possible can you please share the same.


Im looking for driver for IXF1104 as well. I would appresiate if you can share the info


Hi Imran,

I just start to use IXF1104, and not going smothly.

Could you share with us, what Reg you found with data sheet

error ?

I didn't see my rx packetgo through to SPI bus yet.

Thank you,


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