Binstock 5 Things to do, and Not

Binstock 5 Things to do, and Not

If you've got questions for Andrew about his top performance tips, best methods you'd like to share with your peers, or other comments you'd like to make.. sound off. We'd love to hear from you.

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Clay: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. My goal was to make readers aware that on HTT, thread scheduling has different constraints than on traditional multiprocessing systems and that developers need to be mindful of this. Affinity APIs are the way to handle this issue and, I agree, a pointer to reference info on affinity would have improved the article.

You're right, "cache line" is more commonly used than "cache stripe."

Thanks for both suggestions.

I am sorry for jumping in. I could nt access to the downloadable version after my search on MORE SALT, please

Actually i am looking for file from Intel developer's website.

Any body in this forum, or host can you help me in downloading that zip file for learning SALT (Speech Applcation Language Tags)

Thanks in advance

Sure -- go here and click "Download Preview Materials" on the right.


Lexi S.
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