PIIX3 USB Addressing

PIIX3 USB Addressing

Not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question, but here goes anyway.
I'm trying to use DOS to communicate basic commands with an attached USB device, however, I don't know how to talk with the PIIX3 properly to do this. The manual talks about a Base Address, but it doesn't say how to set this. Is there a way to set this or to determine it in DOS?
Also, the manual mentions "Function 2" for USB. What is this referring to?

Any help is appreciated, and I apologize if this is not the forum for this type of question.

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I think it maybe your answer that:
PIIX3_USB1 equ (usb shl 3)
pIIX3_USB2 equ ((usb shl 3)+1)
pIIX3_USB3 equ ((usb shl 3)+2)
USB equ 29
so the pci config_address is 00007800h&00007900&00007A00.
The (usb equ 29) is device 29 and PIIX3_USB1 is the founction1 of device 29 ... so the PIIX3_USB3 is the founction2 of the device 29.
Due to the (usb equ 29) is developer defined in bios,so you need to get the dfinition of it.
good luck
if you have any problem can post e_mail to me peien@yeah.net

Thanks for jumping in here Peien. Welcome to both you and Randy to the Intel Software Network Talk Back forum.


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