SALT Call Control

SALT Call Control

Hi All
I Start to play with SALT
can anybody let me know of URL from where i can download SALT Call Control (saltcc.js) royality free libraries and any good tutorials
thnx in advance


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You can find the materials you are looking for with the following procedure:
1. open your browser to
2. in the search box, enter "More SALT, Please" and click the Search button.
3. scroll down the list until you find the article that contains that search string, and click on it.
4. In the "Table of Contents" sidebar on the right, click on the "Download Preview Materials" link.

The download is a 4.4MB Zip file; it contains the code for "saltcc.js", a sample web application (HTML + JavaScript), installation package for a "draft" version of the W3C interpreter for the CCXML language, installation package for a VoIP service provider, and documentation.

Here's a direct link to the article and the associated files.


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