SNMP Subagent Voltage Event Traps

SNMP Subagent Voltage Event Traps

I am currently testing the Intel SNMP subagent (version on CentOS 6, and I've encountered a problem that appears to be related specifically to voltage-type sensors. I am trying to verify SNMP trap generation for the sensors on a S2600CP motherboard. I am able to successfully generate traps for all of the temperature type sensors (BB EDGE Temp, SSB Temp BB BMC Temp, etc.) by adjusting a threshold value. However, when I attempt the same with any of the voltage type sensors (BB +12.0V, BB +5.0V, etc.), no trap is generated even though a SEL event is generated.

By turning on the subagent debug flag (DebugEnabled = 1) in the snmpsa.conf file, I can see that the subagent recognizes the event and attempts to generate the trap, but it appears to encounter an error when parsing the sensor name (see excerpt from snmpsa.log below). As a result, no trap is generated.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or know how to resolve it?

------------- From snmpsa.log -------------
Inside RouteEventFunction the value of RecordType is 2:

The sensorType inside RouteEvent Function is 2:
The value of SensorType is 2:
Inside the routeEvent Function: Sensor type check switch = 2Voltage event occured.

The value of tQuery: /BMC/SDR/RECORD_TYPE[2]
Entering CalCRInterface

Start time 1347232894 S,134076 us

End time 1347232894 S,223537 us

This CR call time = 0.089461 , total CR Time = 29.867604 sec, total queries so far = 320
Total above one sec queries =1
Min Q Time = 0.000229 sec , Max Q Time = 0.261317

Time for getting lock = 0.000072
Exiting the CallCR function
SNMP_EventInterface::HandleEvent() EventGroup=15
Calling clone method to process the event.
catchNotify called, getpid=4492
printEvent: -----------------------
-1218647184: eventHandler::send4ObjEvent() Start

aEvent.nEventGroup = 15.
-1218647184: eventHandler::send4ObjEvent() Returning CLIENT_ERROR_NOSUCHNAME.
needHealthEvent: m_nHealthStatus=3
Exit:needHealthEvent: return FALSE

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Also, I just upgraded to the build, but still see the same problem.


         This is sankar.How you generated the traps for other sensors.You told  by adjusting the threshold values.Are you changed these values using putty terminal or any UI?..What are the settings is required for to generate the traps.I used the following settings in snmpd.conf file


rwcommunity  public

trap2sink localhost public

# turn on agentx master agent support
master agentx


Thank's in advance.


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