Account reset during DZ transition?

Account reset during DZ transition?

I am not sure I am posting in the right forum but the "Catchall" tag makes me feel I may get some help here.

The problem: My account was sudenly reset to zero. 

Couple of months ago I had 2 separate accounts in AppUp and the Software Parthners Network. In AppUp I was with "Brown Belt" status (which isn't important) while in the Software Parthners Network I was with "Premier Elite Parthner" status (which was important to me). Somehow, during the transition to Developer Zone, everything was lost. I see myself (and the company) reset to zero in the new system. I tend to believe it was the fact that I was using the same User ID for both sites that caused the mess. However, I am not sure what I should do now...

Should I enroll again and try to get the previous status again? Or there are still some changes in progress and things will get back to normal in some moment? My main concern is that I actually used one of the "locked" resources (the shiny little "Intel Software Parthner" logo) on my sites but If I am no more Premier Elite Parthner I suppose I must remove the logo from my site? 

If anyone does have some idea what I should do I'll be extremely grateful.

PS I don't have an account manager to ask for help (the support pages suggested to look for one in my profile but there is no such person listed anywhere).

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If you go to are you permitted to log in or recover your account information? I would think you could apply and mention that you already had this status. If not, I could file a site bug ticket on this, in hope of getting an answer to your question.
I am finding that certain sections of the forum, apparently including this one, are getting no attention.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond here! I will try to contact the support. Thanks again and bestest wishes.

Did you get your points restored? Same thing happened to me and several people I know of. Making the first post on the new site "fixed" the problem - that's all it took to get the earned points count back to where it had been. Hope it worked for you too!

Thanks for the suggestion. In my case everything was fixed by Intel staff -- they just managed to "merge" my duplicate accounts and I didn't lose anything. Hope all others got things fixed too :)


>>...PS I don't have an account manager to ask for help (the support pages suggested to look for one in my profile but there
>>is no such person listed anywhere).

That forum is closely monitored by managers of Intel, believe me, and I'm glad to see that everything is fixed in your case. During transition to IDZ my account lost more than 10,000 points and I wouldn't care about it. These are just points!

Best regards,

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