Any Devs in Sacramento? having an issue with a cpu and cant find any answers.

Any Devs in Sacramento? having an issue with a cpu and cant find any answers.

Hi my name is Devin.. and I have a question.. 

1. I have a 2960xm cpu in a alienware m18x-r2 laptop.. ans i am having an issue..(sorry guys I know this isnt the right spot but Ive posted in all about 50-75 threads around the net and not 1 person can awnser my question) My cpu was running fine and then it my bios just started ressetting to of the settings ..

1.enable extreme edition and 2. flex vid override..   

so Im not able to use my cpu the way it was intended.. 

my question is this..  what would cause this? memory malfunction? or the cpu just going bad? 

ive tried the settings indavidualy and I can get the extreme setting to stay but the flex vid wont.. when i hit F10 to save the computer resets and if i have this enabled it will kill the extreme edition setting and the flex vid setting.. but if i dont enalbe the flex vid then extreme edition will stay turned on..

any thought? or if you work for intel and can maybe take a look after hours we could meet at starbucks and ill buy you a coffie? lol

well thanks and I know this isnt the right section but im desperate at this point..

any and all info would be a huge plus.. just looking to be pointed in the right direction if all else fails..

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so i guess no one here can help me? or take a shot at my problem?

Did you try taking it to service center? If you suspect a hardware issue that would be the first thing to do.

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