Subject line of IDZ notifications is not good

Subject line of IDZ notifications is not good

I am subscribed to many IDZ forums and the notifications that I receive fill a big part of my mailbox every day. Sadly, I cannot guess the subject of the notification email by the first words of the subject line. Every subject line begins with a standard part like 'New comment for ' and eats up all the space of the email list panel of MS Outlook. The informative part goes last. To understand what the emails are about I have to show each email in the reading panel, or change the layout of the email client to give more space to the subject lines. This is not convenient.

Can this be fixed?


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There is also another UI-issue related to a Subject of a New Thread:

It is too short and needs to be longer. Try to create a New Thread and you'll see how the Subject edit-box looks like.

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