INTEL IDE for intel assembly language

INTEL IDE for intel assembly language

if my question does not belong this forum,sorry.

My question: Is there INTEL IDE for intel assembly language.i want to learn intel assembly language and do coding in assembly language in intel processor like x86/ is there any DIRECT SOFTWARE LIKE IDE FROM INTEL to learn intel assembly language on intel processor.

thank u

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This article may help:

Regards, Hal G

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i had seen the link and document.i know there are other company`s assembler for intel processors and intel provide documentation for their processor  but i want to know Is there any DIRECT IDE FROM INTEL for intel assembly language.

thank u

Intel doesn't have an IDE for development on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and for a long time Intel C++ compilers are integrated with Microsoft's IDEs ( Visual Studios, like 2008, 2010, etc ). So, if you have some version of Intel C++ compiler ( it is Not mandatory! ) and some Microsoft's IDE you could start learning assembler without any additional tools.

Note: Please take into account that Microsoft's C++ compilers do not support inline assembler in C or C++ codes targeted 64-bit platforms.

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