PTP / IEEE1588 Support

PTP / IEEE1588 Support

We are looking to implement PTP on Windows with hardware timestamping from Intel cards.

It appears that Windows does not have a standard mechanism to obtain the 1588 hardware timestamps from the Intel NIC like Linux does. However, it seems that real-time-systems have been able to gain access to this info in some way:

I was wondering if there is an API to the intel ethernet drivers, or if the source code is available to patch so that we can add this functionality.



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RDT- A poor man's high resolution clock: 

There is the old "RDT" mnemonic, that reads the CPU internal clock,  with better than 1 nano-second resolution. I know that Linux has some clock drivers, that handle changes of the clock rate of the processor ( for processors that vary clock-rate with work load). Is there any similar driver for Windows?

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