Beware of Possible Non-Revertible Upgrade to Windows 10 operating system

Beware of Possible Non-Revertible Upgrade to Windows 10 operating system

*** Beware of Possible Non-Revertible Upgrade to Windows 10 operating system ***

Read on the Web as much as you can about Microsoft's KB3035583 update.

This is what some people say on

If you simply do not want to have Windows 10 or it is not compatible with some of your
hardware and software then just revert back to your previous operating system.

Be aware there is one caveat to this process and that is you must do it within 30 days
of upgrading to Windows 10 or the capability will be gone because your old Windows
installation related files will be automatically removed from the upgraded system

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I wonder if Microsoft will still be offering the conversion when Intel release of psxe supports it. Advisor is the only app which has been failing on my win10 experimental box.  Intel forum has been failing on Windows today but mostly working for Linux and Android.







>>...Microsoft's KB3035583 update...

I spent more than one hour to clean my Dell Mobile Workstation with Windows 7 SP1 from that update...

And to think that they have been bugging me about upgrading.

Thanks for the heads up @Sergey Kostrov

The psxe Advisor update with support for Windows 10 was posted this week.

psxe is the usual abbreviation for Intel Parallel Studio software development suite.  Apparently, the entire suite is about ready to release with Windows 10 support, as the components which didn't work in win10 until now have been updated.

My application of the update from win8.1 to win10 did not automatically update all of the Intel nor printer drivers.  I suppose this may contribute to the issues of whether win10 works well, then, having upgraded the drivers, whether it is feasible to revert.

One of the reports about a printer driver not being updated in the Win10 installation appears to be false; the printer manufacturer's web site clearly states that the installed driver supports Win10 (and it works).  Other reports refer to an out-dated previously removed driver, and a driver for a printer which is no longer on the network.

On my Win10 Ultrabook installation, the on-screen shutdown button seemed to work better after I updated the Intel chipset driver.     Windows 10 sets the default for Windows Updates to install and reboot without asking, and that got into the frozen standby mode when using the older Intel chipset driver.  None of the automatic driver update sensing tools from Intel, Acer, or Microsoft, indicated that the chipset driver was out of date.  There is a long list of recommended drivers for Windows 10 on the Acer web site, but the list isn't entirely up to date.

I'm not in a hurry to upgrade our oldest laptop from Win7, as I doubt there is any driver support beyond win7.  The Intel driver updater crashes on that laptop.

The one annoying issue remaining with Win10 on Ultrabook is that the shutdown/reboot menu is broken, so it can be shut down only by first going to frozen standby then holding the power button in.  Worse, it ignores the menu setting requiring Microsoft updates to wait for approval to restart, and those still come nearly every day.

Visual Studio 2015 has taken days of work catching up with changes needed to make it work; that seems to be no different under Win10.  The current update may be better, provided that you remove the previous one entirely (both add/remove and deletion of folders).

Intel software tools seem to support Win10 fully in the latest update.

I have gone several weeks now without deciding whether to attempt reversion to win8.1.  There are still 30GB of win8.1 backup files.

I haven't had any problems with the Win10 conversion on an original Core I7 desktop box.  It is running happily with Office 2003 and VS2012.

On the laptop for which it appears Win10 drivers aren't available, Microsoft blew away my wife's desktop when she started up Office 2007 on an expired license.   I think there's enough adverse evidence to account for paranoia about Microsoft policies in this area.  Why isn't it sufficient simply to pop a license denial?

Thank you for posting this information.

After reading about Tim's experience with Win 10 upgrade process I decided to stay my current configuration:

Asus ROG laptop/Win 8 and Yoga 2 ultrabook/Win 8.1 I simply prefer stability above all.

I'd like to make a short follow up...

On all my Windows systems Windows Updates set to Manual mode ( never Automatic ). Let's say somebody decided to Hide KB3035583 update. Take into account that it could show up on your list of updates some time later!

During last two and a half months I did this twice already, that is I tried to Hide KB3035583 update and it appears again.


Out of curiosity question - do you have your main development rig connected to the Internet?

>>Out of curiosity question - do you have your main development rig connected to the Internet?

Yes. It is always disconnected from the Internet and Wi-Fi turned off.

I could say even more... When I do stress testing it is done in a Safe Mode ( SM ) of Windows 7 ( Visual Studio 2008 is perfectly working in SM! ) and it makes testing results more deterministic.

It is over, finally! Microsoft has released a KB3184143 update and it removes previously installed software related to the Windows 10 free upgrade offer.

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