Any chance Intel will add Windows 7 support for the "Kaby Lake" series ever?

Any chance Intel will add Windows 7 support for the "Kaby Lake" series ever?


   I was wondering if there was even a chance that Intel might be planning to add support for Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) for the "Kaby Lake" (HD 600 Series) graphics adapter family?

   I ask this due to the HUGE number of users currently "running back" to Windows 7 once they have had all they can take from Windows 10. Many of the machines out there are soon to become very large PAPER WEIGHTS or BOAT ANCHORS when those user's discover that there on-board graphics are (unfortunately) Kaby Lake, and thus NOT SUPPORTED by Microsoft's current most popular OS (thus making downgrading to Windows 7 impossible, thanks to Intel Corporation and their lack of support...).

   One COULD argue that those users could add add-in graphics cards, but many systems have NO FREE SLOTS for this purpose due to other hardware needs, and, besides, Intel is asking people to add in OTHER HARDWARE, simply so that they can avoid adding the SUPPORT for Windows 7 in themselves? These people already paid good money IN GOOD FAITH for brand new, state-of-the-art hardware, and now must begin UPGRADING ALREADY? Intel will most surely take a PR "hit" for that one...

   Simply from a good business perspective, I would consider adding support for this graphics family to Windows 7 (even if some "special features" might not be fully available...) if I were in charge of the financial decisions for Intel!

   If there isn't a VERY CLEAR and CONCISE REASON why this support can't be added, then I would surely attempt to make it so!!!

   Just take a look at on-line postings from people completely FED UP with the Windows 10 platform, and I think you will agree that it may be a long time before many user's "take a chance" on any new MS operating system again after this current fiasco...; Windows 7 is THE NEW Windows XP...

   I have personally had to inform my customers that the BRAND NEW PC they just purchased, simply chock full of Intel hardware, can NOT be downgraded to the Windows 7 platform for ONLY ONE REASON - Intel has no support for the graphics adapter for that OS!!! Then, when they ask me why there is no support, I simply don't know what to tell them. Next, I need to inform them of their NEW OPTION - the purchase of an add-in graphics card at their own expense, simply for the "luxury" of being able to use their new pc in the way it was intended. You should SEE the look of shock and disgust on their faces...; I feel like they blame ME for selling them "a lemon" :-{

   I guess you would need to be in retail computer sales, and deal with the actual PURCHASERS of your hardware, to understand how important the customer satisfaction "factor" can be; I'm afraid many of these customers will probably blame me for this issue, and simply not bring my company their return business...

   - Thanks for your consideration in this regard,




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Hi Andre,

You may want to post this in the community for graphics here:

Regards, Hal

Intel(R) Developer Zone Support
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of other

Andre, This is not a right place to discuss all these unpleasant hardware and support problems. The topic needs to be addressed directly to Intel's top management using Twitter or Facebook.

Did you consider Linux operating systems instead of Windows on systems you sell? Simply to let you know Intel invests a lot into Open Source graphics technologies for Linux and take a look at:

Hello again;

   Please let me begin by saying that I really appreciate your responses to this inquiry, even if they did NOT address the actual question...

   I am sorry for posting this in an "incorrect" forum, but I have limited information as to whom I might contact in order to ask this particular question.

   I want you to know that I am not some "nutter" who aims to cause disturbance to your company in any way; I simply wish to know if any type of Windows 7 support is PLANNED for the HD 600 series graphics hardware. For this answer means much to me and my business and customer base. As, I think, to YOURS, as well??

   Would ANYONE care to provide an email address of someone who might be able to respond to this question in a knowledgeable manner? I mean, Facebook / Twitter? That is NOT the way I am used to communicating on situations of this grave a nature!

   Again, I do promise that I am NOT out to either HARASS or in any way trouble anyone at Intel corporation; I simply wish to know if there is any plan in the works on this issue, and, possibly (if so), might a timeline be provided for such?

   I can (and will) post this in the Graphics forum, as suggested, in hopes that I might get some form of adequate response to this rather urgent need...

   Thanks again for your time.


   Andre R. Gagne

   CEO, ZetaWare Systems, Canada

Hi Andre,

I have forwarded your comments to our graphics group.  This is the response:

  • Windows* 10 is the only Windows client OS supported on platforms with Kaby Lake processors (in accordance with Microsoft’s* Windows OS support policy).
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are not Intel POR for Kaby Lake processors
  • There are no plans to support Win 7 or Win 8.1 on Kaby Lake processors.

If you post in the General Gfx community you will receive the same message as above and will be forwarded to "

Regards, Hal

Intel(R) Developer Zone Support
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of other

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