Registering my new CPU, doesn't work.

Registering my new CPU, doesn't work.

Tried putting in every code on my CPU  box for the SN (Serial Number) and it won't accept it. The How to? guide on where to find my SN is utterly useless. It gives me examples on how to register SOFTWARE .... but not my HARDWARE (cpu) .... please help

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Hi Andrew,

You may be trying to register your processor in the registration center that is used mostly for software development products.  

It appears that you may not need to register your processor.  

Please see "Is product registration required before processing a warranty request?" here:

If you need additional support regarding processors, support for processors is handled through our communities.  Please post to the communities here:

Or, you can submit a support ticket  here:


Regards, Hal

Intel(R) Developer Zone Support
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