Broken Link

Broken Link

Not sure were to post this, but this link :

is currently broken. And we use this utility alot in our datacenters




EDIT : ScreenShot :

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I did see the issue you reported but it seems to be working now.  Can you  try again please.

Regards, Hal

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The Web page is rendering OK in my browser.

Well at our datacenters (OVH), we are still using an old version of firefox (38.5.0) and the page does not render correctly. It used to maybe a month or 2 ago.

I have also tested it at home with firefox 53.0.3 and get the same results. The page does not render correctly. I have added a screenshot to the original post

I have updated the original post with a screenshot

Hi – it seems that some of the browsers’ compatibility was lost, I.E is working fine. I’ll have to notify the tool owner.


Thanks for reporting this.


Well that's unfortunate :P we use linux in our DC and only use firefox. Please notify when the issue can be resolve. The tool is very usefull

I follow the recommendation from Intel to use pale moon browser to cover the case where linux prevents Firefox from updating.

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