Voice recognition for faster programming

Voice recognition for faster programming

Voice recognition for faster programming

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I have moved this to our Whatif forum, which is for discussing new software development product ideas.

I recall you emailed me about this idea. Can you describe it in more detail, please?

Thanks for your input.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

yes but it is very difficult t recognized voice fast programing

I guess we need completely different programming languages to program using voice recognition.Quite interesting, but it looks like "old" languages like Cobol, PL/I, etc. would fit voice recognition programming style much better than "modern" languages. :)

tool late to contirbute

Lets consider this, how many people use voice recognition to give software commands or use voice to text word processors.

I may be wrong but I think there are hardly any, as this technology is very far from perfect.

So the idea "Voice recognition for faster programming" is not going to come to reality in the near future.

Large processing overhead induced by voice recognition process when compared to keyboard typing.

Can you elaborate the use case of voice recognition in programming? As for me, I prefer to not let the people beside me to hear me chanting my code ;).

But, it will be useful for blind programmer. There is discussion about how blind programming work here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/118984/how-can-you-program-if-youre-b...

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