Need a Help..

Need a Help..


I'm Mohan. I just registered to the forum to share information with all of you.

I have a software requirement for the following task.

- I need to know whether there is a way to get information about the usage of USB ports of my PC for a given period of time (Eg: I need to know how many USB devices were connected or how much data were transferred to the USB devices from my PC at the end of the day).

If anyone knows that how to get those information using a software or by any other way, Pls let me know.




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Hi Mohan,

Unfortunately, this is not the correct forum for this.  This information may be available in your system logs.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

 Intel Energy Checker SDK may be helpful.

use the USB secure

A single USB port can be used to connect up to 127 peripheral devices 

You can create a simple Visual Basic or C# app to fulfill this requirement.

You can add that program to the startup folder & every day the computer turns on it can save a daily log.

just monitor your USB ports serial  numbers and write a application for it using C++


Vidura_Dhananjaya wrote:

just monitor your USB ports serial  numbers and write a application for it using C++

Visual Basic and c# has its owm libraries for managing com ports. So it would be easy if you use those languages compared to c++.



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