MFC application porting on to SONY VAIO netbook with Windows 7 OS

MFC application porting on to SONY VAIO netbook with Windows 7 OS

Hi, i would like to thank you in advance for your time and effort in helping me. We had created MFC based simple application in VC++ and tested the same in Acer Travelmate C200 with Windows XP as OS. Is it ok, if i take the same application and expect the same to run on Sony VAIO netbook with Windows & OS. On other hand, i think we need to re-build our application by using ATOM SDK to make it run on SONY VAIO netbook with Windows 7 OS. My application...includes the following. (1) Push buttons (2) Edit and Display window (3) Audio Output (4) etc.. Could you kindly help me on the above. Kind Regards jk
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Welcome jk,

You will find that integrating the ATOM SDK is often quite painless. Many others have completed porting efforts of their MFC applications, so you have plenty of resources here to help you along. Please have a look at this link to get started:

There is nothing special to launch your application on the netbook, if your application already works fine on the PC or laptop.
All you need is to integrate Atom SDK into your project and care about limited netbook screen size in your application.


Have you been successful in submitting your application? Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Hi Brian,
no. I am trying to run application on SONY VAIO netbook ( this has ATOM processor with Windows 7 OS). If i have done this then it is easy for me to upload expect the same to work in others machine as well. Any guidelines that we need to follow when we use MFC classes in our applications. Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help.


If you think of the ATOM SDK as security component you will have no trouble. Below are a few links should you get stuck or need additional insight. Please do not hesitate to post a question here if needed. Best of luck.

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