How to install intel appdeveloper sdk in visual studio 2008

How to install intel appdeveloper sdk in visual studio 2008

I cannot link the lib files supplied with the sdk to my visual c++ 2008.An error occurs when compiling the application.The error says that the include files cannot be opened. Error details: -\testauth.cpp(3) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'adpcppfd.h': No such file or directory I have tried to include the files by going to TOOLS->OPTIONS->VC++ DIRECTORIES and giving the path of the sdk.But it fails.Please give me a solution.
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SDK has no "adpcppfd.h" file. Replace "adpcppfd.h" with "adpcppf.h"

"d" (debug) version is only for "lib" files

As Dmitry mentioned this is simply a filename issue.

One suggestion to help you along is to have a look in the "Samples" folder where you installed the ATOM SDK. These projects can be used for reference for compiler/linker settings. Please let me know if you experIence any further trouble.

As Dmitry mentioned, there's no adpcppfd.h file. For additional dependecies, if you want to build debug version for your project, don't forget to set your linker with adpcored.lib, adpcppfd.lib, psapi.lib, and shlwapi.lib. But instead of linking adpcored.lib and adpcppfd.lib, you should replace these files to adpcore.lib and adpcppf.lib if you want to build the release version.

To set up the linkers in VS2008, choose Project -> Your_Project Properties... (Alt + F7). Under Configuration Properties choose Linkers -> Input. Then, type the libraries under Additional Dependencies.


Did you resolve your linker issues?

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