question about licensing system

question about licensing system

Hi expert, for a charged application, ADP_IsAuthorized() must be called in the application. the ADP_IsAuthorized() function checks with the licensing system to see if the current machine is authorized to run the application identified by ADP_APPLICATIONID, so i want to know the license is cached locally at application downloading or first time running. 1.if license cached at downloading, when user change his machine and log his ID with another machine, would he have the right to use the application? 2.if license cached at first time running, when user downloaded application, and forgot to run, a moment later, he want to run the downloaded application, but the network has gone, what would happen? thanks for your advice?
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As I am not on the ATOM SDK development team I only have high level answers for you:

1.) Each purchased application/game may be used by the same user on up to 5 devices.

2.) The authorization results are indeed cached. This allows a user to execute the application in an offline state.

Thanks for your quick response, the real problem i want to know is when the customer will get the license, at downloading or first time caching, could you help me forward this to ATOM SDK development team? appreciate


In my personal experience, as soon as an application has been selected for download (paid for if needed) the associated account is authorized for its use on any machine.

Is there a particular use case you are concerned about when it comes to purchase/authorization?

Hi BrianDevArch,
I do not have an account of AppUp, i am in China, not allowing to register AppUp now, so i can not try AppUp on my machine, i am just imaging following usecases
1)user downloaded application from AppUp, then he shut down the network, started the downloaded the application, will the application pass authentication?
2)user's netbook lost, can he disable his account on old machine, and use his account on other netbook? as u said, maybe we can use the account on 5 different machines. i think it is not suitable, because a lot of home's netbooks are over 5;but if number is over 5, i get an idea to get free application from AppUp, use a normal account downloaded any application on multimachines then shut down your network, play your game. I do not how to process these problems.

thanks for your advices


You can still try AppUp. Many developers from various countries get around this by using a U.S. address when they register.

hi BrianDevArch,
I dont have a chance to fill the address, after filling the my name and email, password, it redirected me to a site, telling me following."Legal restrictions prevent us from fulfilling your request.we regret that we can not provide more infomation. please contract customer support if you require assistance"

Hi Perise,

Thank you for your reply.

Concerning your query about the licensing, as far as I know your system will be authorised as soon as the client start installing the application, not when launching. When you download an application it will authorise the system during the installation stage. I however cannot confirm this, I will get more clarification on this and get back to you.

Regarding the issue you are having with the registration, please can you try again and let us know if your are having the same issue. Please note you have to use a valid address that is from any supported countries. If you use an address which is from a country that is currently not supported, the system may prevent your from going further.
List of supported countries:

If the issue remains, please send us a screen shot of the error message and I will investigate further. Also please can you tell us if you were able to install the AppUp(SM) Center and if so, which country did you select while installing it? Please use the contact us form and send us these details:


Intel® Technical Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

Thank you for gathering those details Rooven, very thorough.

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