New Data Management Software

New Data Management Software

Hello Guys, I am not so much experienced with programming, I can write little programs and create some windows applications in C#, I am a Freelancer research analyst and consultant, I have to manage a huge data in MS excel and word formats in hierarchy structure, many times I forgot the name of the files or folders I created for a specific task when I need them after 1-2 months, also for easy access of all those files and folders I want to create a customize desktop application with the functionality of editing, deleting, copying, moving files and backup functionality, If anyone has Idea how to start then please help me, Thanks Rajesh Kumar
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Welcome. Think of the AppUp SDK as your security component. It will ensure your title is not pirated and also provide a great distribution channel (The AppUp store). Here are some great links to get you started with AppUp:

Putting that aside, you may develop nearly any application or game you wish, so long as they adhere to the Validation Requirements ( You are free to use licensed or open source 3rd party libraries and controls as well. What is your preferred programming language?

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