v1.0 SDK Size Increase

v1.0 SDK Size Increase

After updating to version 1.0 of the Windows SDK (from 0.92) I noticed that the size of the library files (adpcore.lib, adpcored.lib, etc.) have increased dramatically. I'm wondering if there is any explanation for this increase in size?
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I know this thread is old, but I thought I'd complete the question since I recently needed to update one of my apps to SDK 1.0 after changes to the AppUp center caused my app to no longer run successfully.

It looks like the adp libs do indeed statically link the CRT now, and that they no longer need to be packaged separately in the installer.

My app's .exe grew from 700K to 3MB, which was annoying at the time, but it only added 300K to the overall installer size. Not a very big deal.



I too have noticed the compiled sized increase. A quick look with PE Explorer reveals additional libraries being statically linked. Overall a few MB will not impact our users however.

Thanks Brian.

I wonder if this has any impact on the installation? For example, do we still need to package the merge modules (Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86.msm, etc.) inside the installer? Maybe they are now embedded inside the library files which would explain the size increase?

(Forgive me if this is a dumb question - I don't normally use Visual C++.)


There are two tools I recommend to answer your question. PE Explorer and Dependency Walker. Either of which can scan for dependencies and detail what libraries the compiled assembly is using.

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