Boot Loader Win7 Application

Boot Loader Win7 Application

How do I get the ICON for my boot loader application to load automatically into the hidden icon area of the task bar after it intializes the touch screen and loads the screen geometry through the main application startup?
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Hi George,

Do you mean the System Tray? If so check out this article it might help.

Hi Alain good to know you are sitting with me and looking over my shoulder! Sometimes it gets lonely out here as a single practitioner ISV!

Thank you for pointing me to the tray loader. Looking through it, I would need to do major surgery on it to make it work for my intended purpose. I need something like the Intel GPA 3.0, which loads into the tray after acquiring its own IP address, does its magic and continues to monitor in a hidden fashion graphics performance. (See Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer 3.0 running on Win7)

Let me digress for a moment, and describe the Intel Atom “IFEEL” loader. The loader once up and running is always on and continues to analysis the sensor input for anomalies. It does learn within its prescribed narrow function. What it does either by BIOS, Manual, or autonomic means, establishes a geometric and sensor layout for the surface that is used by the human to impart actions by touch, in this case but not always in the future the surface is a touch screen of any size,

Atom with its north and south brain processes the raw sensor signals, by its ADC and Mixed Signal IC and matches it up with the application input (virtual keyboard would be one). It does this by a set of intelligent DSP algorithms that scale, better known as “FeelMe”. Although the “immediate” need is a single Netbook, Tablet, or MID, the code is written to be part of something bigger, like many tablets running in parallel sensing multi-connected surfaces (robotic skin).

So I am still looking for a short path to delivery, my “Northwest Passage” so to speak!

Warmest Regards, George


Do I understand correctly that you want your app to appear in the system tray, but no visible by default?

Once loaded the IFEEL Icon should to appear in the hidden area of the Windows7 tray like Intel’s GPA 3.0 does, continue to run, and report anomalies related to the Touch Panel, George

Hi George,
What you are looking for is access to the system tray. Do a search on it and you should be able to find an implementation that fits your needs. I hope you find your "Northwest Passage".

Here is an example in c++.

Hi Alain, yes I believe I have fond it, Thank you for your help, Best George

Thanks Brian this look like what I need, appreciate you, Best Regards, George

Fantastic, best of luck.

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