Qt 4.7.1, Appup and VS2008 - nice!

Qt 4.7.1, Appup and VS2008 - nice!

This may be common knowledge, but I discovered this almost be accident. I am using VS2008 Prof and installed the IDE add-in 1.1.7. I downloaded Qt (>300MB) only to discover that it is built with MinGW, useless for me. Lots of threads recommend downloading source and using nmake to rebuild for Windows and warnings about SP1, etc. Fortunately, I found a pre-built install on the Nokia website at, http://download.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/ qt-win-opensource-4.7.1-vs2008.exe built on Nov 9, 2010. This installed without problems and I now have a fully integrated (and latest) QT Designer to use with my Appup SDK in VS2008. So far this looks very good. But I am on a steep learning curve so any advice is welcome!
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I also installed Qt Creator 2.1 (the Beta installs as 2.0.93) but I see the RC is out now.

I set this up with the VS2008 tool chain. I was able to compile a widget and debug into the DLL with VS2008. I did not install MinGW.

I wish there were some ready-made widgets for picture gallery and viewing...

Hi Zing: Yes, you are correct, that VS 2008 tool chain is a full integration with Visual Studio and you can use Qt from within VS together with our AppUp SDK. This way, you won't be using MingW compiler.

The same thing is true for Apple XCode IDE. Qt has toolchain to integrate fully with XCode IDE.

Let us know how it goes and if you need additional help.


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