Getting Started with Meego on Windows

Getting Started with Meego on Windows

Hi, I would like to work on Meego.I use a desktop computer with Windows 7.Can some one provide a sequential steps for getting started with Meego on Windows 7. I feel its essential to have a netbook for testing the apps.Do I need have a netbook at this moment to learn and develop the apps. Thanks for the help.
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I think if you download the latest .img file off of the meego-dev site ..

Take the .img and burn it onto a USB drive.. (Win32DiskImager worked for me if you needed a tool for this step.)

Leave the UsB in and re-start your machine....
- if your machine doesn't start off the USB, then you might ned to re-start and press the F-KeY for the boot list. or enable usb booting in BiOS.

It should load a list with meego....

You could also try a virtualization to run it also. The usb is neet cause I get to see how it does on variety of devices.

Good luck.


Hi Logos,

Thank you for your interest in the Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program.
You may be able to find the information on how to run Meego on a Windows 7 system on this link:

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any questions.


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DG Rooven

Hi Logos:

Please take a look at this page and see if the proposed solutions work for your environment:




You may also easily run MeeGo in a virtualized environment. VMWare Player has proven quite effective, allowing you to hard reset the MeeGo install and emulate various system properties. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in setting up a VMWare environment for MeeGo.

Thanks a lot for your response.Does that mean,I cannot directly work with Qt on my Windows 7 (Ultimate) OS.Is it a must to have a Virtualised environment on Windows 7 Ultimate to develop apps.

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