Educate the next generation of engineers with course materials and hardware designed by academics with over 25 years of experience teaching computer engineering.

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Join the Intel® FPGA Academic Program to get free teaching and research resources exclusively for faculty and staff.

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Get free lab exercises and solutions for semester-long courses on key engineering topics. Adapt and modify these assignments as needed to fit your course objectives and to gradually expose students to increasingly complex topics. All labs are offered in both Verilog and VHDL.

Digital Logic

Introduce students to the building blocks of digital designs with hands-on labs, beginning with switches and culminating in an enhanced processor project.

Computer Organization

Demonstrate the power of low-level design with labs focused on instruction set architecture, subroutines, interrupts, and more.

Embedded Systems

Prepare students to design for a smart world with labs that showcase how Linux* programs communicate with an FPGA. Students learn about character device drivers, graphics and animation, accelerometers, audio, and multithreaded applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Challenge advanced students with labs that demonstrate how the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ applications can be used to solve classic computer vision and deep learning problems.

Free Teaching Software

Additional Teaching Resources

Tutorials & Workshops

Supplement your courses with how-to guides specific to the curriculum, hardware, and software featured in the academic program.

AI Course Materials

Access course materials for topics spanning machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and more.

Computer Systems

Use these reference designs to teach computer organization and embedded systems without requiring knowledge of hardware design.