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Run your deep learning applications as standard Apache Spark* programs directly on top of existing Spark or Hadoop* clusters.



Introduction to BigDL on Apache Spark*

Learn the basics for developing with this open source, distributed deep learning library.


Get Started with BigDL

Take this refresher course on deep learning basics and see how BigDL fits in an Apache Spark* stack.

Analytics Zoo

Combining Apache Spark* TensorFlow*, Keras, and BigDL libraries, this unified analytics and AI platform creates an integrated pipeline. Scale your AI models to big data clusters for distributed training or inference with hundreds or thousands of nodes.


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Data Analytics and AI

Build complete data analytics solutions based on AI in an integrated, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure for data ingestion, storage, preparation, and processing. Use it for AI model training and serving in a single, modern environment that uses open source technologies and tools optimized by Intel.