Unlock Your Full Potential

Intel’s game developer program partners with key game industry experts to bring you tools, information, and opportunities to differentiate your product and succeed in the video game business. Our goal is to help you optimize your games that run on Intel® platforms, support you through the development process, and meet your technical and financial goals.


Why Team With Us?

We offer:

 Cross-platform technology and tools
 Quality assurance programs to optimize game performance
 Sponsorship and strong presence at major industry events
 Showcase of the best, most innovative games
 Contest and workshops to get noticed and differentiate your game

Technical Assistance

We have technical resources to help you enhance your skills and your games:

  • SDKs and libraries to help unlock the capabilities of Intel hardware and technology
  • Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers to find performance issues and optimize your game
  • Source code samples to learn the latest and greatest game techniques
  • Technical support from game dev experts in forums or at events
  • Testing partners to help develop a high-quality launch experience

Business Assistance

For the best and most innovative games featuring Intel technology and products, we help by:

  • Showcasing your game next to other indie game developers
  • Highlighting games in keynote demos by Intel executives at major industry events
  • Hosting opportunities for networking at game developer and consumer-facing industry events
  • Offering participation in the Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest

News and Information

We curate the most current and relevant information about game development, including best practices, tutorials, case studies, webinars, and interviews.

Industry Support

As a leader in the game development industry, Intel is involved in a variety of activities aimed at helping the overall health and success of the industry.

  • We sponsor industry events world-wide, such as our popular Buzz Workshop
  • We support leading game developer programs at the university level
  • We are a key contributor to the Open Gaming Alliance
  • We strive to increase diversity and inclusion in technology
  • We provide scholarships, grants, and unique opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities

Get Involved

Take advantage of all the ways that Intel can help you to be more successful developing great games.