The Intel® Game Developer Program

Deliver your highest performing game experience to the widest audience. By joining this program, you get:

  • Free access to libraries, performance analyzers, and other tools to optimize your game for the best performance on Intel® architecture
  • Answers to your programming and marketing questions in our resource library and developer forum
  • Certification that your game Runs Great on Intel® technology to make it stand out from the crowd
  • Contests, networking opportunities, trade show collaborations, and go-to-market programs to expand your reach

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Get More with Intel

Prepare Your Game for the World

  • Take advantage of essential resources that help you get your game noticed.
  • Access free libraries, performance analyzers, and other tools to help you code more efficiently.
  • Get unstuck with code samples and tutorials.
  • Find answers and get inspiration in our rich resource library and developer forum.

Stand Out from the Crowd

  • Find bugs before your community does.
  • Maximize Intel architecture performance with free optimization, testing tools, and QA support.
  • Distinguish yourself from the rest with Runs Great on Intel technology certification.
  • Expand your reach through our sponsored showcase.

Reach a Global Gaming Audience

  • Go from developer to entrepreneur with strategies and tips for monetization and distribution, innovative ideas for expanding your community, and templates and tools for delivering to market.
  • Connect and grow with networking opportunities, trade show collaborations, and contests.
  • Get noticed worldwide with potential access to software bundles, partner store relations, Green Man Gaming publishing deals, and other sales opportunities.

Runs Great on Intel Technology Certification

Intel has partnered with some of the best quality assurance labs to bring you our test suite. If your game passes all the tests, this entitles you to:

  • Promote your game in the Runs Great on Intel technology showcase
  • Use the slogan in your advertising
  • Once certified, earn eligibility for more promotional opportunities, such as marketing support and access to many of Intel's partners
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