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Optimization for Unity* Software and Virtual Reality: Run-Time Generated Content

The project presented here takes advantage of some inherent VR design choices, such as non-continuous locomotion (teleport or similar), even though...

Runs Great on Intel® Technology Certification

Sign up today to take your game to the next level with the Runs Great on Intel technology certification program. Testers are standing by.

-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Graphics Driver Version: DATE: August 9, 2018

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth*...

Code Sample: Dynamic Checkerboard Rendering Using Microsoft DirectX* 12

The accompanying sample code demonstrates both CBR and DRR and provides a base implementation in a forward rendering pipeline; additionally, the...

Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt: Improving VR Image Quality with Fixed Foveated Rendering

Published on August 8, 2018

Creating Software Solutions to Reduce Bottlenecks in the Virtual Reality Process

By combining the compute power of Intel® NUC 8...

Checkerboard Rendering for Real-Time Upscaling on Intel Integrated Graphics, v. 12

In this white paper, we present checkerboard rendering (CBR) for real-time upsampling on Intel integrated graphics. We first review some of the...

Intel Buzz Seattle 2018 Game Demo

Recap: Buzz Workshop for Game Devs Seattle 2018

Published on August 6, 2018

(guest post and event recap by Jakub Kasztalski, Unbound Creations)

The Lay of the Land

The event spanned a full day, from...

Code Sample: MRHand.cs Script for Input in Native UWP Unity* Apps with Motion Controllers.

Attach this script as component to a gameobject in Unity. After setting up a Tracked Pose Driver component in the gameobject to the correct device...

Intel® Software Innovators Featured at SIGGRAPH 2018

Published on July 24, 2018

Innovators are Taking Advantage of the Latest Tech to Improve Graphics and Animation Techniques

Intel® Software Innovators are...

Exciting Innovations Showcased at the 2018 Unreal* Open Day Event

Published on July 19, 2018

As one of the game industry’s largest and most influential gatherings in China, the Unreal* Open Day showcases well-known hardware, software, game...

SIGGRAPH 2018: Using Machine Learning to Create Game Simulations

Published on July 12, 2018

Intel® Software Innovator Team Uses Reinforcement Learning to Design Simulation Models

Using reinforcement learning, Intel®...

-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Graphics Driver Version: DATE: July 11, 2018


Game Dev with Unity* ML-Agents and Intel® Optimized Python* (Part Two)

In the final part of this two-part series on machine learning with Unity* ML-Agents, we will dig deeper into the architecture and create an ML-Agent...

Intel® Developer Zone Update | July 2018

Last updated: July 3, 2018

Discover a way to edit VR audio within your VR editing system! Learn about the future of VR on the go. And find out about some upcoming collaboration opportunities for all developers who are seeking hands-on training and info on the latest technologies!

Code Sample: Rendering Objects in Parallel Using Vulkan* APIs

Published on July 2, 2018

This code and accompanying article (see References below) discuss the process of rendering multiple FBX (Filmbox) and OBJ (Wavefront) objects using...

Rendering Objects in Parallel Using Vulkan* APIs

To help experienced pro and indie developers prepare for Vulkan, this article walks through the code of a sample app that renders multiple .fbx and ....

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Exciting Innovations Showcased at Unity* Unite Beijing 2018

Published on June 28, 2018

Unity* Unite events moved to Beijing in May 2018, settling at the China National Convention Center. Top technology experts and industry talents from...

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2018 R2 Release Notes

This article contains the online version of the Release Notes for Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA). You'll find system requirements...

reinforcment loop example

Get Started With Unity* Machine Learning Using Intel® Distribution for Python* (Part 1)

This article will show game developers how to use reinforcement learning to create better artificial intelligence (AI) behavior. Using Intel®...

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2018 R2 Release

Last updated: June 26, 2018

Learn about Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2018 R2 release featuring additions to System Analyzer and Frame Analyzer for OpenGL macOS applications. We've also added support for the new Intel® Hades Canyon NUCs, and the  addied  new experiments to Frame Analyzer. 


Using Modern C++ Techniques to Enhance Multi-core Optimizations

Published on June 25, 2018

With multi-core processors now common place in PCs, and core counts continually climbing, software developers must adapt. By learning to tackle...

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Code Sample: Using Modern C++ Techniques to Enhance Multi-core Optimizations

Published on June 25, 2018

This software example demonstrates how to use multi-core technologies to edit images. There are two parts to this project, a .NET Windows application...

Performance, Methods, and Practices of DirectX* 11 Multithreaded Rendering

Rendering is usually the main performance bottleneck of PC games on the CPU; multithreaded rendering is an effective way to eliminate the bottleneck...

SIGGRAPH 2018: The State of Photogrammetry in Real-Time Graphics

Published on June 18, 2018

Intel® Software Innovator Cristiano Siqueira Will Demonstrate Creating Realistic Gaming Environment Graphics

Up-and-coming indie game developer...

-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]

DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Graphics Driver Version: DATE: June 5, 2018 Vulkan Runtime Installer updated to

Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks June 2018

Each month I share a few of the most interesting projects from Developer Mesh.  The site features a diverse array of projects, so narrowing it...

Innovators of Tomorrow | Corey Warning & Will Lewis

Last updated: June 6, 2018

Will Lewis and Corey Warning from Rose City Games in Portland, OR. talk about their new game in development, "The World Next Door", a narrative-driven, action-adventure game inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of both anime and indie games.

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SPIR-V to ISPC: Convert GPU Compute to the CPU

To help address this opportunity while also utilizing the single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) vector units built into modern CPU cores, we have...

C#JobSystem unity

Code Sample: New Unity* Entity Component, C# Job System, and Burst Compiler

Published on June 1, 2018

The new C# job system and entity component system from Unity* don’t just allow you to easily leverage previously unused CPU resources, they will also...

woman in a virtual environment

How to Build a Custom Audio Editor with Unreal Engine* for Sound Spatialization in VR

Published on June 1, 2018

Unreal Engine* from Epic Games has a powerful virtual reality (VR) editor option, but something they did not include is the ability to edit and place...