Intel has been a key player since 6 MHz was the clock speed to beat. As you create your game, Intel can help you learn.

Ideate  Design  Build  Test  Launch  Monetize

Make a Prototype

Prototypes can be one level or a small section that represents a unique gameplay mechanic. Think quick, light iterations: make prototypes, test them, get feedback, and repeat.

Accelerate Development with Code Samples

Code samples can inspire ideas or help accelerate the prototype or build process. Take advantage of code samples to learn new skills, but be careful to follow licensing requirements if you're going to use them in your game.

Code Samples from Intel

Intel's game developer program has many code samples for learning new skills and techniques, and building them into your game.

Plan for Game Updates and Player Support

All code requires updates and bug fixes, and you need a plan for delivering new features and content to your customers. Keeping your players happy is your responsibility and vitally important.

Build Checklist - Do You Have Everything Covered?


Prototype and Iterate

Begin by putting your designs into playable form. Start small: a single level, or even a single mechanic or interaction. Get feedback from play testers, and then iterate, iterate, iterate.

Sample Chapter: Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development
Game Design / Iteration and Rapid Prototyping
Video: Build a Prototype Game in Unity in 40 Minutes

Use Code Samples to Learn and Accelerate

Code samples and sample projects are a great way to learn new techniques, find inspiration, and jump start your game development.

Intel Game Developer Code Samples
Microsoft Windows* Game Code Samples
Unity Samples, Projects, and Tools

Check Your Progress

How well are your designs coming together in your builds and prototypes? Are you making progress towards a shippable game? Are you getting good feedback on your iterations?

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