Turn game ideas into reality by considering your audience, platform, game engine, and how the game will make money.

Ideate  Design  Build  Test  Launch  Monetize

Pick Your Target Audience

Carefully considering your ideal audience is an important step in the design process. Think about your ideal players and ways to make your game appeal to them and get them hooked.

Choose a Game Engine

If you’re using a game engine to build your game, which engine you choose can make a difference to your game. Do your research and check your options before committing to an engine.

Selecting a Cross-Platform Game Engine

If "write once, deploy everywhere" is your goal, then you want a cross-platform engine. From Unity to HTML5, there are many great choices. Pick the one that's best for your game.

Pick the Right Tools and Support System

Choosing the right tool is always crucial to any project. Your engine choice could dictate how the majority of your development work is done, but there are other tools and platforms available to add extra functionality, support your users, and expand the reach of your game.

Intel Tools for Game Developers

From PC to mobile, performance to cross-platform, Intel has software tools to make your games better and your life easier.

How to Make a Video Game

Find out about products and how-to guides that help you with game design when you have little to no experience.

Select a Business Model: Free or Paid?

Think about your revenue model options early in the design process. They will influence many aspects of your game.